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The High Republic Jedi with Dan Z from Coffee With Kenobi

A year ago at Star Wars Celebration Chicago, a new initiative was teased by Cavan Scott called, “Project: Luminous.” This past February, it was finally revealed that this project would be a massive unified story about the Jedi Order, at its best.

This week, we’re honored to be joined by Dan Z of Coffee With Kenobi to discuss all the latest news about the High Republic, and the Jedi who will be featured in the series.

Plus, Hot Takes, poll results and more.

It's TIME for Tatooine Sons!

Personal Updates

Moving to Florida

DisneyWorld, HERE WE COME! Samuel the Hutt has been accepted to the Aerospace Engineering program at the University of Central Florida. The Bow Tie Jedi Guy can work from anywhere in the country, and Mom has wanted to move to Florida for years. So, we decided to make it happen! Our first Orlando-based show will be released on May the 4th! (Samuel the Hutt's ready to impulse dine at Oga's Cantina!)

Quarantine Update

BB-N8's life is basically the same as always - other than the fact that the thousands of pages of comic books he's been reading are completed. He's ready for the comic stores to reopen. Samuel the Hutt didn't have much to say about this.

Something BIIIIGGG Is Coming!

While we can't reveal it YET (hopefully next show), but it makes moving across the country seem like child's play! Stay tuned for the future announcement.

Last Week’s Podcast Poll Results

Episode 109 took a look at the rumors regarding Rosario Dawson playing Ahsoka Tano in The Mandalorian.

We asked you How do you feel about Rosario Dawson playing a live-action #Ahsoka in #TheMandalorian? Thanks to all 152 of you who voted! Here are the results:

  • Love It! - 68.4%

  • Hate it! - 5.3%

  • Meh... - 21.7%

  • Other (Comment Below) - 4.6%

Here are some of our favorite comment!

  • @UnmistakblySW - Definitely a RD fan - just curious as to the decision making process when it came to selecting her over AE. We’ll never get an accurate accounting, but I’d still love to know. ..

  • @hitchinsIV - The casting is great, but you can't judge anything till you see it. Ashley is an incredible actress and amazing human, would have been great live. I mean... we have what 3/4 different people who have played Obi-Wan at this point. Wait for the finished product and judge.

  • @AlexanderMoylan - I’m fearful of the execution and less concerned w/ the casting; however, I am simultaneously hopeful that S2 will blow our expectations away just like S1, and that Ahsoka’s presence can be minimal and perhaps even w/out crossing paths w/ the Mando.

Hot Takes

A new animated short of the original Episode IX script has been created. (We have a bad feeling about this.) Our crazy Episode IX theory from a year ago actually came true! And Luke Skywalker bids farewell to Star Wars fans. It’s time for Hot Takes.

Star Wars Fan Animates Colin Trevorrow's Original Episode IX Script

Colin Trevorrow's script for Episode IX - title Duel of the Fates - has leaked, and one Star Wars fan has made an animated short explaining much of the story. Ethan Taylor (of Mr. Sunday Movies on YouTube) put together his synopsis of the story, along with a few editorial comments. Neither Samuel the Hutt or BB-N8 have watched the video, but both have seen concept art of what the script was about. Let's just say, there's a lot they like about it.

The Rise of Skywalker Novelization Includes a Moment that WE Have Been HOPING For!

In the lead up to Episode IX, we developed a theory that all of the New Canon content that had been released since Disney purchased Lucasfilm in 2012 would come together in one big moment in The Rise of Skywalker. When we saw that massive Resistance fleet in the final trailer of the film, we were certain we had nailed it. But when TRoS released, we were less than thrilled at how that scene played out. But now, the novelization has revealed something very interesting. The Bow Tie Jedi Guy finished reading the novelization recently, and the "Resistance Assemble" moment in the book is INFINITELY BETTER than that scene in the movie. In the novel, there are appearances by Phantom Squadron, The Ghost, Alphabet Squadron, Zay Versio, Kazuda Xiono, and Yeager! Both Samuel the Hutt and BB-N8 are disappointed that scene didn't make it into the theatrical release.

Mark Hamill pens a sweet "end of an era" letter to Star Wars fans

Mark Hamill has navigated Star Wars fandom better than anyone else, in spite of his tendency to say exactly what he’s thinking at any moment (remember #MissedOpportunities?). But last week, Hamill shared a letter to Star Wars fans, celebrating the legacy of the Skywalker Saga, and providing a Light Side word of HOPE for the future. This letter is included in the Skywalker Saga box set:

A Conversation about the High Republic, Mythology, and Star Wars Favorites with Dan Z from Coffee With Kenobi!

When we started diving head-first into Star Wars fandom just a few years ago, one podcast quickly became a favorite for us: Coffee With Kenobi. The show always helps look into the deeper mythology of a galaxy far, far away - or what we like to call “the greater story.” And this week, it’s our distinct pleasure to welcome Dan Z to Tatooine Sons, as we discuss the golden age of the Jedi Order - the High Republic.

Dan Zehr is the host and co-creator of Coffee With Kenobi, a podcast that breaks down the mythology of Star Wars from a place of intelligence and humor (and is also one of our favorite shows). Dan Z is also a prolific high school educator, who teaches Literature and Writing, and has a Master’s Degree in Teaching and Learning. He resides in central Illinois with his wife and three boys. Welcome, Dan, to Tatooine Sons!

The High Republic

The Bow Tie Jedi Guy: What do we know about the “High Republic?”

Dan Z: While Dan doesn't know anything more than what we've all learned - the High Republic is a period taking place around 200 years before The Phantom Menace. But Dan is a little surprised that this is the "Golden Age" of the Republic, as he thought the Prequels already told that story. The thing Dan is most excited about, are the all the new lightsaber hilts!

Samuel the Hutt: Of course, the High Republic stories came out of a top secret collaboration of Star Wars authors called Project: Luminous. What do you think about a series of stories that are coordinated so intricately? Dan Z: Dan's VERY excited about the idea of the greatest minds in Star Wars storytelling coming together to craft a new story that is revealed month by month in comics and novels - especially a story that seems to be built off of Arthurian Legend concepts.

Make sure you listen to the show! Dan talks a LOT about Star Wars and mythology right here!

BB-N8: The Skywalker Saga has shown us the decline of the Jedi. But the High Republic promises to show us the Order in its prime. What do you hope to learn from this new perspective? Dan Z: The Skywalker Saga shows us that real heroes are human, and that they make a ton of mistakes. The High Republic Jedi seem perfect - and that's not interesting. What kind of flaws will be revealed and what these Jedi will have to learn and grow to be.

Samuel the Hutt: This week, we learned a little backstory of 5 of these Jedi. Which Jedi most intrigues you? Dan Z: Stellan Gios - mostly because of the hair and the lightsaber. He's optimistic and well respected. And while he looks like someone who could go off the rails, he hasn't.

The Bow Tie Jedi Guy: Do you think we could see any of these characters make the transition to live-action?

Dan Z: Would LOVE to see this, even though they've said that's not the plan.

Force Lightning Round

BB-N8: What’s your first Star Wars memory?

Dan Z: Seeing Star Wars at the drive-in theater with his family. (Tied with getting his first C-3PO action figure).

Samuel the Hutt: What’s your favorite Star Wars Movie?

Dan Z: The Empire Strikes Back followed closely by A New Hope, and The Last Jedi.

The Bow Tie Jedi Guy: How about your favorite NON Star Wars movie?

Dan Z: Raiders of the Lost Ark, OF COURSE!

BB-N8: Who’s your favorite Star Wars character?

Dan Z: Darth Vader

Samuel the Hutt: Other than Jar Jar, who’s your least favorite character?

Dan Z; Aurra Sing

The Bow Tie Jedi Guy: Which is better -The Clone Wars or Rebels?

Dan Z: Star Wars: Rebels (because he's right!)

BB-N8: Finish this sentence: If I could change one thing about Star Wars, I would...

Dan Z: The perception that Star Wars fans are toxic. That segment is small. As a whole, Star Wars fans are an amazing group to be a part of. (And that Rey is a Palpatine.)

Samuel the Hutt: You’re stranded on a desert island and you can have only 3 things. What do you take?

Dan Z: A cell phone with a incredible range; his wife; and some shade.

The Bow Tie Jedi Guy: For you, how does Star Wars inspire HOPE?

Dan Z: Star Wars is about believing in things you cannot see; about hope for a better tomorrow. And it teaches us that family and friends are what life is all about.

The Bow Tie Jedi Guy: Name a time in your life you had a very clear choice that altered your future. What did you choose, and Why?

Dan Z: In 2003, Dan was selling insurance and wasn't feeling fulfilled. But he didn't know what that meant. An opportunity to mentor teenagers at church was presented. Dan applied and was accepted. About a week later, Dan had a rough day at work, came home and went to bed early. When he woke up the next morning, he stood up and said, "I'm going to be a teacher." From that decision, he changed careers and is now a teacher, met his wife, started Coffee With Kenobi, and the rest is galactic history.

You can find Dan Z and Coffee With Kenobi at

Anything Else?

This Week’s Podcast Poll of the Week!

Who’s your favorite High Republic Jedi (so far)?

  • Avar Kriss

  • Loden Greatstorm

  • Vernestra “Vern” Rwoh

  • Other (Comment Below)

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