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5 Reasons Why You Need a Friend Like Han Solo

Star Wars is as much about amazing characters as it is spaceships, lightsabers and the Force. It’s a big reason these films have been popular for more than 40 years. This week, we’re going to take a deeper look into Dad’s favorite character: Han Solo. Along with why all of our lives would be better if we had a friend like him in it. Plus, Hot Takes, poll results and more.

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Personal Updates

Star Wars Celebration Chicago - 1 Year Later

It's hard to believe it's been year since we braved the lines at the McCormick Center in Chicago for Celebration. It's always interesting to realize that the panels, exhibits, and interviews take a distant second place to the interaction with our fellow Star Wars fans. Let's HOPE that we will get that experience again in August!

Moving Plans

We're still a couple weeks out, but plans for moving to Batuu East (better known as Orlando) are in motion. Let's just say, we've got a lot of work to do.

Tatooine Sons, LLC.

Still waiting on the "suits" to give us the go ahead to tell you what this whole thing is all about, but let's just say we had to form a company for the next BIIIGGGG project that's coming SOON!.

Last Week’s Podcast Poll Results

Episode 110 was a BLAST, as we got to talk about Project: Luminous and the High Republic with Dan Z of Coffee With Kenobi. We asked you who YOUR favorite new Jedi was.

Who’s your favorite #HighRepublic #Jedi (so far)?

  • Avar Kriss - 34.1%

  • Loden Greatstorm - 27.3%

  • Vernestra “Vern” Rwoh - 15.9%

  • Other (Comment Below) - 22/7%

Here are some of our favorite comments!

  • Padawan Of Christ (@PadawanOfChrist) - Stellan or Vern, probably... Too early to tell!

  • Ryan Doell (@RyanDoell31) - Other: that dude with the beard that looks like me 😂

  • Blogga the Hutt (@BloggatheHutt) - Greatstorm is such a cool name so he gets my vote!!!

Hot Takes

“The Corona” Has Hit Lucasfilm. Could The Clone Wars Final Season Be Setting Up Ahsoka’s Appearance in The Mandalorian? And is it even possible to imagine Star Wars without Anthony Daniels? It’s time for Hot Takes. Coronavirus Furloughs Hit Lucasfilm Delaying Future Productions Bryan Young at shared a report from Variety that Lucasfilm employees are being furloughed as part of a larger Walt Disney company policy. This is mostly hitting employees who can’t continue working during the coronavirus pandemic. It started with Disney Parks employees but now has made its way into the studios...What this means for release schedules of future Star Wars content — from Rian Johnson’s greatly anticipated trilogy to the second season of The Mandalorian — is unclear at this moment.

Are the Secrets of Ahsoka Tano and Darth Maul Connected to The Mandalorian? (SPOILER ALERT) The past two episodes of The Clone Wars have been setting up the events of The Siege of Mandalore - a battle that takes place parallel to the Battle of Coruscant and Order 66. We know that Ahsoka battles Maul after leading the 501st in trying to take back Mandalore from Maul’s Shadow Collective - which we learn in the most recent Clone Wars episodes is now going by the name, Crimson Dawn. This is the first chronological reference to the organization that is front and center in Solo: A Star Wars Story. These two episodes also feature two famous Mandalorians: Bo Katan and Ursa Wren. published an interesting article this week that ties all of these threads together and concludes that the final arc of The Clone Wars could tease how Ahsoka will return in The Mandalorian.

Anthony Daniels DIdn’t Want to Audition for Star Wars Anthony Daniels didn't want to meet a relatively unknown American movie director looking for someone to play a robot in a "low-budget, science fiction film." He just wasn't a fan of the genre, but his agent persisted, telling the aspiring actor "you never know what it could lead to."

5 Reasons Why You Need a Friend Like Han Solo

One of the reasons we love Star Wars is because of characters that we can relate to. And none is more relatable than Han Solo. He’s cynical. Overconfident. Independent. But also loyal, optimistic and altogether likable. This week, let’s discuss 5 reasons we all need a friend like Han Solo in our lives.

1. He’s great at getting you out of a tight spot

From the first time he meets Chewie in that pit on Mimban, Han Solo is always getting his friends (and himself) out crazy situations. He leads slave rebellions on Kessel; escapes the Maelstrom with a drop of Coaxium; gets out of Mos Eisley with Ben an Luke just in time, and, of course, swoops in at the last second to take out Darth Vader so Luke can blast the Death Star. He may not have a plan for anything. But he seems to have a way of slipping away at just the right moment.

2. He forgives you even when you don’t deserve it

And let's admit it - Lando never deserves it. He cheats at Sabacc; flies away from Savareen to let Han face Enfys Next on his own; and don't even begin to mention the betrayal at Cloud City. But time and time again, Han Solo let's it slide. And having someone in our lives that loves us like that, is a pretty special thing.

3. He’s not afraid to tell you the truth

We're all just one stupid move away from doing something stupid. That's when we need someone who will look us straight in the eyes and say, “Traveling through hyperspace ain't like dusting crops, boy! Without precise calculations we could fly right through a star or bounce too close to a supernova and that'd end your trip real quick, wouldn't it?" And don't forget when he found out that Luke thought he could just assume the mantle of Jedi Knight while Han was frozen in Carbonite in Jabba's palace: “I'm out of it for a little while, and everybody gets delusions of grandeur.” Ah... sometimes when you a friend like Han, who needs enemies?

4. He’s unflinchingly loyal

Once Han Solo is your friend, he's your friend forever. From the moment he and Chewbacca get off Mimban, they're together forever. He's committed to Qi'ra even when it means he's probably about to get into a lot of trouble because of it. And no matter how evil Kylo Ren became, Han Solo believed that Ben Solo was down in there somewhere, and that he could bring him back.

5. He always sees the best in every situation

It doesn't get more Han Solo that, "Never tell me the odds!" From Han Solo's perspective, it's always going to work out. He might pretend to be cynical, but underneath that scruffy looking exterior, Han Solo is an eternal optimist. And having someone like that to call on when life's got you down, is a big deal. While you're down, that kind of friend can say, "I've got a really good feeling about this!"

Dad Moment

There’s an ancient proverb that says, “A man who has friends, must show himself friendly.” This is seen perfectly in Han Solo. When we first meet Han, he’s put up all his defenses and is pushing away Luke and Leia. But this isn’t the real Han Solo; it’s one that has become cynical after multiple betrayals from Beckett, Qi’ra and even Lando. The good news is that Han’s best self always rises to the surface. He returns to the Death Star to help Luke. He’s willing to die before letting anything happen to Leia and Chewbacca. And even after he’s betrayed over and over by Lando, he still calls him a friend. His commitment and love for others - in spite of the false bravado and bluster - is one of the reasons why Han Solo is one of the most popular characters in cinematic history. And his commitment to his friends is a trait we’d all do well to develop.

NEXT WEEK: 5 Reasons We'd Follow Leia Into Any Battle

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