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5 Reasons We'd Follow Princess Leia Into Any Battle

There isn’t a character in Star Wars that is loved more than Princess Leia. Long before we had Ahsoka, Jyn or Rey, Leia Organa was leading the Rebel Alliance against the evil Darth Vader, Tarkin and the Emperor. On this week’s episode, we are taking a closer look at why Princess Leia is such a powerful leader. And we may talk a little about the amazing actress who brought her to life, Carrie Fisher. Plus, Hot Takes, poll results and more.

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We're busy packing up all of our earthly belongings in preparation to move to Orlando in one week. At this point, we're in that weird spot between packing up everything we don't use every day, and waiting for that fast and furious couple of days when we pack up everything we do.

The Clone Wars Final Arc

The first episode in the final arc of The Clone Wars was released on Friday. What a ride! We all agree that these final episodes could easily be complied into one, cohesive feature film.

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Last Week’s Podcast Poll Results

Here are some of our favorite comments!

Rik Villanueva @CadBanesBounty - As a father, hearing "Hey, kid..." in The Rise of Skywalker broke me. I don't think there's another Han scene that affected me as much.

Charlie-Red4 @Red4Charlie - I know my pick is the lowest. But to me, when Han meets Chewie, is spoke to what star wars is all about. Han found family where he had none. Qi`ra had gone out of the picture, Han was on his own. Star Wars is Family, Hope, and Sacrifice. Had displayed all three amazingly.

Miles James Tepatti @mtepatti15 - "Everrything perfectly all right now we're fine we're all fine here now thank you how are you?" "Negative negative negative we have a reactor leak large leak very hazardous give us a few minutes to lock it down" "boring conversation anyway"

Hot Takes

More actors are joining Diego Luna and Alan Tudyk in the early days of the Rebellion. We’re about to get a WHOLE lot more behind the scenes for The Mandalorian. And could JJ and Chris done more with Dark Rey? It’s time for Hot Takes.

Stellan Skarsgard & Kyle Soller Joining Disney+ ‘Rogue One’ Series ( Multiple sources are confirming that Stellan Skarsgard (Dr. Erik Selvig in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films) and Kyle Soller (101 Dalmation Street) will join Diego Luna in Disney Plus’ Rogue One series, although both actors are still in final negotiations for their roles. Both Samuel the Hutt an BB-N8 remember Skarsgard from the MCU, but neither are familiar with Soller. The Bow Tie Jedi Guy has a crazy theory about who Stellan Skarsgard will play - a younger, pre Galactic Civil War version of The Client from The Mandalorian, previously played in the series by Werner Herzog.

Go Behind the Scenes in the NEW DISNEY+ Series “Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian” (

Disney and Lucasfilm announced a new series premiering on Disney+ on Math the 4th - the unofficial "Star Wars Day." The series will be hosted by Jon Favreau and will share behind the scenes stories from Season 1 of The Mandalorian. We're all excited about the extra footage. The Bow Tie Jedi Guy speculates that an entire episode will be devoted to Baby Yoda. But Samuel the Hutt and BB-N8 both reminded him that no one on the show will call him that.

Was “Dark Rey” a Wasted Opportunity in The Rise of Skywalker? (

Nothing was more jarring in the buildup to The Rise of Skywalker than seeing a Dark Side Rey in the final trailer. After a ton of theories and speculation, it turned out to be little more than a brief glimpse at what MIGHT have been - both in universe and out. Now, is asking if it wouldn’t have been better to see Rey succumb to the Dark Side in a misguided attempt to defeat him, only to be brought back by a redeemed Ben Solo, similar to the hugely popular Dark Empire series from the Legends Universe.

5 Reasons We'd Follow Leia Into Any Battle

There are very few characters in film history who are as recognized and loved as Princess Leia. She broke the stereotype of the damsel in distress. Instead of fawning over Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Chewbacca, she cracks about how short Luke is; calls Han a “flyboy” and Chewie a “walking carpet.” And even more than that, Leia is quickly shown to be more than a princess. She’s a leader we can learn a lot from.

After discussing why Princess Leia is such a loved and iconic character and remembering special moments when surrounding Rogue One and Star Wars Celebration Orlando, we discussed our 5 reasons why Princess Leia is such an amazing leader.

  1. Her Quiet Confidence - From the moment Princess Leia feigns an Imperial accent while mocking Governor Tarkin, it's crystal clear that she's anything but scared. When Luke Skywalker opens Cell 2187 and declares he's there to save her, she shows things are NOT going to go the way he thinks. And when Han and Luke are busy giving each other galactic high fives after escaping the Death Star, Leia realizes it was way too easy. Her confidence is the opposite of Han Solo's. His is overconfidence. Leia's is perfect confidence.

  2. She's Inspirational - Leia's words and actions move others to action. He simple call to Ben Kenobi shakes him out of a two decade exile. After she nearly dies in The Last Jedi, her words rally a desperate Resistance to hold onto HOPE. And of course, who can forget when she turns the tables on her rescuers, taking charge of their escape and telling them to jump into the garbage chute.

  3. Nothing Shakes Her - She goes through hell at the hands of an Imperial Interrogation Droid, but never gives up the location of the Rebel vase on Yavin IV. Jabba the Hutt chains her to his bed, but she never seems worried about wether she and her friends will survive. And she's shot in the arm while trying to take out the shield generator on the Forest Moon of Endor, but still manages to crack a few jokes. She's always cool as ice.

  4. She Has Unbelievable Discernment - From early on, you can tell Leia sees something special in Han. She sees a leader. On the flip side, she knows Lando can't be trusted. And when everyone else is convinced that Kylo Ren is irredeemable, Leia knows there's still good buried deep inside Ben Solo.

  5. She Makes Everyone Around Her Better - Poe Dameron makes mistake after mistake, ultimately fomenting mutiny against the Resistance. But Leia is committed to helping Poe become the leader she knows he can be. And even though Rey is a nobody scavenger from Jakuu (and the granddaughter of the most evil Sith Lord the galaxy has ever known), Leia sees the Jedi and leader who will guide the galaxy into a new era.

Dad Moment

There’s a crazy narrative that’s been going around Star Wars fandom during the Disney era. It claims that Disney is trying to promote a feminist agenda through characters like Rey and Jyn Erso. The problem is, Star Wars has ALWAYS had a strong female lead. Princess Leia is beloved for a reason. She’s bold. She’s strong. She’s confident. And she inspires the Rebellion to follow her unquestionably. Everything rises and falls on leadership. And the greatest leader in the Star Wars universe is our beloved Princess Leia.

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